McLaren spin-out drives premium mobility with Series 1 electric scoot

Mobility brand Lavoie has tapped into its McLaren automotive roots to develop the Series 1 premium electric stand-up scooter, which features a slick folding mechanism that retires the familiar kickstand, powers through city streets with a 900-W motor, and lights up the ride with all-around LEDs.

Back in 2021, the McLaren Group sold its 30-year-old electronics development arm to a private equity firm and McLaren Applied began operating as an independent concern. Looking to tap into the micro-mobility market, a dedicated brand was spun out from the main stable last year.

Lavoie’s first product is a fast-folding premium electric scooter dubbed the Series 1, which has just gone up for pre-order. The first 469 units will be Founders Edition models – that number reportedly a nod to the date that the first patent was filed for a electric two-wheeler, in April 1869. Each sports a numbered plaque designed by noted product design/engineering firm Callum, and early adopters will be rewarded with early access to future product releases as well as invites to special private events.

Animation of the Flowfold mechanism in action
Animation of the Flowfold mechanism in action


As we mentioned in our earlier coverage, the stand-out feature here is the slick Flowfold folding mechanism, where a single button push collapses the stem and draws the front wheel above the long, wide deck to lock in place for between-ride carry at 402 x 293 x 904 mm (15.8 x 11.5 x 35.5 in). A kind of middle ground in the fold action has been included that allows the Series 1 to be parked without the need for a kickstand.

When opened out and ready to ride, Lavoie promises a safe and comfortable experience courtesy of “a higher stem angle giving automotive-like steering, a freer foot position, and better shock and vibration absorption” – though the company has opted not to include dedicated suspension, meaning that uneven terrain will only be soaked up by the chunky pneumatic tires.

Two battery configurations are up for grabs, each made up of Samsung 21700 cells. The Max model packing 702-Wh of juice will retail for US$2,230 and could manage up to 60 km (37.3 miles) of per-charge range at an average speed of 20 km/h (12.4 mph). The standard offering comes with a 468-Wh battery pack under the deck for 40 km (25 miles) of per-charge riding, at a recommended retail of $1,990.

The custom 650-W motor delivers a peak output of 900 watts for 30 Nm (22 lb.ft) of torque and a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) over three power modes, with one of those allowing for power/speed tweaks through a companion mobile app to match personal preference or local regulations.

The Series 1 e-scoots come in four color options, with the first 469 units sold as the Founders Edition
The Series 1 e-scoots come in four color options, with the first 469 units sold as the Founders Edition


The Series 1 models are both constructed using aerospace-grade magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy, ride on 10-inch wheels wearing 2.5-inch reinforced pneumatic tires, and slow to a stop via hydraulic disc braking to the front and KERS (regen) at the back.

Rain or shine e-scooting is possible thanks to IP56 weatherproofing of the vehicle itself, and IP57 for the electronics. Day or night visibility shouldn’t be a problem either thanks to the integrated headlight and double rear light (a braking tail-light and another illuminating the rider) together with halo lights to the front/side and turn indicators. The TFT display offers turn-by-turn navigation via the mobile app over Bluetooth, and global LTE/2G is also available on subscription.

The Series 1 Max model weighs in at 19.5 kg (43 lb) and the standard tips the scales at a kilo lighter, either way they’re capable of hauling up to 120 kg (264.5 lb) of rider.

Folks interested in pre-ordering can do so now for a refundable downpayment of $500. There’s a 5% discount available for those who opt to go all in and pay in full. The video below has more.

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