Moonshot plan looks to recreate lunar experience on Earth

Even if it eventually becomes available, a vacation to the Moon is going to be financially out of reach for most of us. Such is the thinking behind a novel US$5-billion architecture proposal that’s aimed at offering visitors a tiny taste of lunar life right here on Earth.

Bringing to mind the MSG Sphere London, Moon – as it’s officially named – would take a spherical form that mimics our lunar neighbor. It would be situated on top of a disc-shaped podium structure and rise to an overall height of 224 m (735 ft). Structurally, it would consist of concrete, steel and glass, plus aluminum and carbon fiber.

The main attraction would be the simulation of a lunar surface situated in roughly the center of the spherical structure. Details on what the experience would entail are slim at this stage but it would offer a large landscape to explore.

“Moon’s signature attraction will enable guests to experience walking on the lunar surface while exploring a vast working lunar colony,” explained the press release. “An amazing, out of this world attraction, Moon will form the ‘bridge’ delivering an affordable and entirely authentic space tourism experience millions of enthusiasts around planet earth have been patiently waiting for; a chance to actually ‘participate.'”

Moon's main attraction would aim to offer visitors the experience of walking on the lunar surface
Moon’s main attraction would aim to offer visitors the experience of walking on the lunar surface

Moon World Resorts

Elsewhere in the resort would be other space-themed attractions, a theater, casino, night club, events spaces, a wellness spa, and a hotel, plus approximately 300 luxury homes, which would be available for purchase.

Moon is expected to be constructed to the LEED green building standard, though there’s no information on its actual sustainability features yet.

The project is the brainchild of Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), a Canada-based firm created by entrepreneurs Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson. The plan is to eventually create four Moon resorts in total, in North America, Europe, Middle East/North Africa, and Asia. Dubai is currently the front-runner but nothing is set in stone at the moment, underlining that this one is still very much at the proposal stage.

Source: MWR

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