Morgan and Pininfarina reinterpret the classic Morgan Barchetta

A collaboration between Morgan’s 115-year coachbuilding philosophy and Pininfarina’s 95-year tradition of crafting bespoke vehicles has given us a 50-only limited edition Morgan model to be known as the Midsummer. They have all been sold already.

The Midsummer name was chosen because it is the height of the summer, a season which provides optimal weather conditions to experience an open-top barchetta.

The collaboration emerged from a desire by Morgan to create limited-run specials, based on its CX-Generation Bonded Aluminium Platform, and no-one has been so gauche as to mention how much it cost, but the Plus Six has a base price of $115,800 (£91,488.40), though we expect the 50 customers who saw the vehicle behind closed doors and paid their deposit have committed to significantly more than that.

The Morgan Midsummer’s side profile.
The Morgan Midsummer’s side profile.

While the classic lines of the Plus Six suggest it is also somewhat of a classic underneath the metal, nothing could be further from the truth.

The light weight of the bonded aluminum chassis means the Plus Six tips the scales at just 1,145 kg (dry), while the Midsummer has a target dry weight of just 1,000 kg by the time it sees production.

Hence an indication of the performance of the Midsummer can be gleaned from a comparison with the 2024 BMW M340i which runs a 369 hp version of the same TwinPower Turbo in-line six engine used by the Midsummer and the Plus Six Morgans.

The Midsummer engine produces 335 hp but the BMW M340i weighs 1,792 kg. Do the math and that gorgeous car takes on a slightly different aura, because it has essentially the same M-Power engine pushing a car that weighs just 56% of the BMW M340i.

Midsummer production will commence in 2024 and conclude in 2025.
Midsummer production will commence in 2024 and conclude in 2025.

No doubt everyone clicked on this article to see what the collaboration produced, and the 50 units are sold already.

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