New CHAdeMO 3.0 standard supports EV charging over a massive 500 kW

One of the world’s major EV charging standards has released its 3.0 specification, harmonizing with China’s GB/T plug and using liquid-cooling to deliver monster charging rates more than double what Tesla’s V3 Supercharger is currently doing.

CHAdeMO chargers currently serve as many as 44% of global fast-charge-capable EVs, although this includes Tesla vehicles, which can connect to them with an adapter, and the figures are from 2018. Either way, at least three quarters of a million cars globally have CHAdeMO fast charge sockets and more are compatible with the standard.

Under the new 3.0 standard just published, which uses the working name ChaoJi, charging rates of over half a megawatt are supported, with current up to 600 A. The liquid-cooled plugs and cables will be significantly chunkier than the current versions, but will be backwards-compatible with existing CHAdeMO, GB/T and possibly even CCS standards.

The CHAdeMO 3.0 standard is backwards-compatible
The CHAdeMO 3.0 standard is backwards-compatible


This does not mean CHAdeMO chargers will all be capable of 500-kW blast-charging. Over 50 companies worldwide manufacture according to this standard and, while following the standards, they’ll each build chargers according to their own use cases. The CHAdeMO 2.0 standard allows charging up to 400 kW, for example, but there are still plenty of sad little 50-kW chargers around, and in some places you’re lucky if you can find a 100-kW plug.

Indeed, it’d be a mighty vehicle that could take that much energy at once, something like the barely believable Piech Mark Zero perhaps?

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