Off-grid-capable Sunshine tiny house doesn’t break the bank

A lot of tiny houses take cues from Scandinavian design, but the Sunshine tiny house, by Sweden’s Vagabond Haven, is one of the few models we’ve covered that actually hails from that part of the world. Featuring a compact, unfussy interior layout suitable for two, its options include off-the-grid functionality, and it starts at a relatively low price of €27,728 (roughly US$27,000).

The Sunshine measures 6.7 m (22 ft) in length and is based on a double-axle trailer. Its exterior design embraces traditional tiny house styling and is topped by a gable roof. Cladding options include spruce, cedar, and Shou Sugi Ban-treated wood, which is a traditional Japanese method that involves charring the wood to protect and preserve it.

Its interior measures 21 sq m (226 sq ft) and its simple layout helps it seem well-proportioned and quite light and airy inside. Visitors enter into the living room, which contains a sofa bed and some shelving. Nearby is the kitchen. This has a laminated oak countertop and a fridge, as well as a gas, induction or electric stove, a sink, and (optionally) a dishwasher. There’s also some storage space installed.

The Sunshine tiny house is 6.7 m (22 ft) in length and its interior measures 21 sq m (226 sq ft)
The Sunshine tiny house is 6.7 m (22 ft) in length and its interior measures 21 sq m (226 sq ft)

Vagabond Haven

The Sunshine’s kitchen connects to the bathroom, which has a shower, storage space sink, and a choice of flushing , composting, or incinerating toilet.

The Sunshine has just one bedroom, though it can also optionally have a secondary storage loft installed. The sleeping area is accessed by a storage-integrated staircase and is a typical loft-style bedroom with a low ceiling and space for a double bed and a bedside table.

As standard, the tiny house runs from a RV-style hookup but it can be upgraded to run off-the-grid with a solar panel and battery setup, plus water tanks, though of course this will increase the cost significantly, as will the choices of materials and layout, plus taxes.

Indeed, the model pictured is currently up for sale for €60,900 ($60,000), which is still relatively affordable for a modern tiny house. It’s available in Europe, though Vagabond Haven is open to shipping farther afield.

Source: Vagabond Haven

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