Panametrics’ Accurate Flow and Oxygen Measurement Solutions in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Panametrics’ Accurate Flow and Oxygen Measurement Solutions in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water and wastewater are critical to human life. From processing raw water that renders it potable, to water treatment plants that release wastewater safely into our environment, these processes require several flow measurements throughout the value chain.

In wastewater treatment, aerobic digestion enables plants to increase their capacity cost-effectively by injecting oxygen into the wastewater head space, resulting in up to five times the treatment capacity.

Accurate measurement of oxygen concentration is vital throughout the waste processing stages. Aerobic digestion uses microorganisms which thrive in the presence of oxygen to break down the wastewater during treatment. A high oxygen concentration in an aerobic digester indicates a reduction in the microorganism population which may require replenishment.

At Panametrics we have the capability to help measure flow from water processing and to measure the oxygen content in waste processing to ensure your plant is running efficiently.

Flow Meter Applications

The path of water and wastewater defines when and where to establish flow measurement points. Flow rates vary as well, particularly during the transition from day to night.

Panametrics’ highly reliable clamp-on flow meters perfectly suit many applications and can:

  • Install within minutes on the outside of the pipe
  • Are able to work on a dual traverse set-up, even on large pipes (2m or 80”)
  • Able to measure both low and large flow rangeability with a single meter
  • Able to work on cement, lined and GRP/FRP pipes
  • No drift over time

Panametrics has successfully installed many AT600 and PT900 permanent and portable clamp-on flow meters, also installing supplied digester flow meters at the lowest allowable pressure.

Oxygen Analyzer applications

The XMO2 in comparison adopts Panametrics no moving parts design philosophy to guarantee reliability in the toughest of applications. The thermoparamagnetic sensor can also recover from liquid carryover without permanent damage to the measurement cell.

For efficient wastewater treatment, it is critical to monitor the oxygen concentration to ensure the survival of the microorganisms that are a key component in decomposing the waste. 

Panametrics XMO2 thermoparamagnetic oxygen transmitter is ideal for this application. The transmitter is assembled with a turnkey sample conditioning system and provides a 4-20mA signal to a plant’s data acquisition and control system.

The XMO2 is reliable and time-proven. It has no moving parts and its cost effectiveness makes it the oxygen transmitter of choice:

  • Years of reliable service
  • No moving parts
  • Non-Depleting sensor
  • Turnkey analyzer + sampling system

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Panametrics has been a pioneer in the sensor technology industry for more than 50 years. With an innovative culture, we continue to develop solutions for moisture, oxygen, liquid flow, and gas flow measurement. Our proven technologies are widely known across many industries including oil & gas. Some of our other technology breakthroughs include:

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