Pealock packs a big alarm into a small electronic package

While not everyone wants to lug around a heavy, bulky U-lock, they may worry about thieves trying to get through a lighter-duty lock. That’s where the alarm-equipped electronic Pealock is designed to come in.

The successfully Kickstarted, Czech-designed Pealock consists of a rain- and snow-resistant polymer main body that houses the electronic components, connected to a thermoplastic elastomer locking strap that encircles the user’s bike, skis, scooter or whatnot.

Besides a rechargeable lithium battery, the electronics include a 110-decibel alarm, a motion sensor, an LED status indicator ring, plus Bluetooth, NFC and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) chips. Once it’s been set in place, the Pealock is electronically armed/locked and disarmed/unlocked using an iOS/Android app on the user’s smartphone – alternatively, holding an included NFC card up to the lock serves the same purpose.

The Pealock can be locked and unlocked via an app or an included NFC card
The Pealock can be locked and unlocked via an app or an included NFC card


If a would-be thief should try messing with the lock or the item it’s securing, the motion detector will cause the alarm to sound, plus it will trigger the Pealock to send a text alert to the user (via Bluetooth or GSM, based on how far away they are). Depending on their level of paranoia, the user can set the alarm to go off after anywhere from one to 15 seconds of movement.

And although the locking strap may look like it’s simply a strip of rubber, it’s actually internally reinforced with both a layer of Kevlar, and steel cables. It also incorporates an electrical wire that’s connected to the alarm. If anyone should cut into that wire while attempting to cut through the strap, the alarm will sound and a text alert will be sent.

The Pealock is now available for preorder in a choice of three colors, priced at US$154. Delivery should take place in February.

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