Poland’s EV4 heads to the mountains with electric cart and skateboard

Last year, Polish engineer Jack Skopinski launched an electric trail machine designed for disabled riders wanting to venture off the beaten track. Around the same time, he built an off-road electric skateboard featuring two 2,500-W motors. Now he’s made a 4×4 version of the Mountain Cart and upped the power for a Mountain Board flavor of the Boardzilla.

Like all of EV4’s electric vehicles, the Mountain Cart 4×4 and the Boardzilla Mountain Board have a rugged industrial design thanks to Skopinski’s love of riveted aluminum as a build material. And like the original Mountain Cart, the ruggedized version has been designed with disabled riders in mind.

As we've come to expect from Poland's EV4, the Mountain Cart 4x4 sports a rivet-packing industrial design
As we’ve come to expect from Poland’s EV4, the Mountain Cart 4×4 sports a rivet-packing industrial design


The Mountain Cart 4×4 sports 20-inch wheels wrapped in motorcycle tires, and each wheel is powered by a 2,500-W direct-drive motor for a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph). And there’s an 85-Ah Li-ion battery pack for up to 120 km (75 mi) of per charge range.

Four spring shocks help smooth out the inevitable bumps, stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD display shows charge level, speed and so on, and the area in front of the handlebar can be used to secure cargo.

Optional accessories include front and rear lighting, a handbrake that locks against the rear tire, armrests for the bucket seat, and a smartphone mount.

The Boardzilla Mountain Board edition certainly has a look all its own, and features EV4’s tilting mechanism for leaning into the curve. This model also rocks an interesting suspension setup, with a pneumatic shock absorber and tilt stabilizer riding above the battery housing for the promise of up to 50-mm of travel and a “comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.”

The unusual Boardzilla Mountain Board in its natural environment
The unusual Boardzilla Mountain Board in its natural environment


EV4 says that steering knuckles have been included to reduce wobble at high speeds and allow the wheels to tilt into the curve for increased traction. Where other boards feature a single deck for riding on, this model’s foot supports are angled upward and sat either side of the mid-mounted battery housing/suspension mechanism.

Elsewhere, the two 3,500-W motors promise top speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph), the 20-Ah Li-ion battery should be good for up to 40 km (25 mi) per charge, and control comes via a handheld wireless remote.

Both electric trail blazers are up for order now, though EV4 has not revealed pricing. The first video below shows the Mountain Cart 4×4 in action, while the second introduces the Boardzilla Mountain Board.

Mountain Cart 4×4

EV4 Mountain Board v2

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