Porsche will now sell you a pop-top roof camper for your 911 supercar

How many times have you found yourself out bush-bashing in a Porsche 911, catching a breathtaking view after a gnarly river crossing and thinking “damnit, if only I had somewhere convenient to sleep right now?” If it’s more than zero, you’re in luck.

Yes, Porsche has solved the pressing issues of our times, and built a pneumatic pop-top roof camping attachment for its most storied supercar, designed specifically to mimic the lines of the 911. For around five grand (Euro or USD), you can upgrade your 911 with a lockable, “all-weather” roof tent, complete with a fold-out ladder, a rain cover, and a built-in 210 x 130 cm (6.9 x 4.3 ft) high-density polyfoam mattress.

The box attaches to a roof rack, and the process goes something like this: you drive your hundred-grand German sports car out into the forest, on its watch-strap-thin racy street tires, with the ground clearance of a Briggs & Stratton. You stop somewhere nice – or wherever you get bogged – then hop out, pop the box open, fold the ladder out to stabilize the floor, pull the tent up and stick four poles in to hold it taut. That’s… pretty much it. You’re now free to climb up there in your muddy boat shoes and do whatever it is people do in beds on top of Porsche 911s.

Yup, just gonna climb up on the roof of the nine eleven for a quick snooze...
Yup, just gonna climb up on the roof of the nine eleven for a quick snooze…


It’ll handle up to 190 kg (420 lb), so you might be able to bring a friend, provided the two of you can get comfy in a space less than four and a half feet across. You can open up some windows to enjoy the view, or close them up if you’re planning to get really comfy and would prefer to deny your fellow campers any views of that. Go nuts, you paid for that supercar suspension and you might as well get some fun out of it. You won’t be getting too much fun out of the rest of the 911 – it’s limited to 130 km/h (80 mph) with the camper box on top.

Porsche will soon be offering additional accessories, which include a heated blanket and an organizer for shoes and bags; a lovely nail for the coffin lid of a once-cool automobile. Deliveries begin in November. Oh, and it’ll fit on a Macan, Cayenne, Taycan or Panamera, too.

Source: Porsche

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