Portable hammock incorporates its own carrying case

We’ve seen quite a few portable, free-standing hammocks lately, but Pondell’s QNUX distinguishes itself in a rather interesting way. The whole thing packs down into a tube-like carrying case, which also serves as part of the hammock.

Designed by Austrian brothers Michael and Alexander Kitzberger, the QNUX packs down into the form of a cylindrical(ish) aluminum case that’s cross-sectionally hexagonal. It’s carried utilizing a built-in handle.

Once it’s time to do some lying around, the user starts by unfolding four legs from the underside of that case and setting it on the ground. They then unfold two arms from the top of the case, which extend out diagonally.

Next, an included stainless steel tensioning cable is guided through slots on the bottom of the legs, and attached to hooks on the underside of the two arms. Finally, the fabric hammock bed itself is pulled out of the case and attached to hooks on the top of the arms, via integrated steel cable loops at either end of the bed.

Pictured here packed up, the QNUX hammock is available in a variety of colors
Pictured here packed up, the QNUX hammock is available in a variety of colors


The whole rig reportedly tips the scales at 9 kg (19 lb) and can support users weighing up to 181 kg (400 lb). Additionally, the Italian-made fabric is claimed to be breathable, skin-friendly, UV-resistant and weatherproof. Optional extras include an umbrella-like sun shield, an overhead hanging book/tablet holder, a shoulder strap, and a pillow.

The Kitzberger brothers have turned to Kickstarter to fund production of the QNUX, where a pledge of €599 (about US$710) will get you a hammock – if everything works out, that is. Michael tells us that the planned retail price is around $899.

The setup process is demonstrated in the video below.

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