Process Filter Manufacturer Sees ‘Marked Rise’ in Water Industry Orders

Process Filter Manufacturer Sees ‘Marked Rise’ in Water Industry Orders

Surrey-based Amazon Filters provides containerized systems and mobile skid rentals to help with planning, emergency response, turbidity control, chlorine reduction and the removal of contaminants and chemicals.

Based on flow rates and projections, its cartridge filtration has seen more than 350 billion liters of water filtered by UK water companies in the past year, ensuring a safe, clean and consistent supply to tens of millions of homes and businesses.

In recent weeks, the 39-year-old firm has highlighted how its ‘quick and able’ manufacturing of process filtration equipment can support customers’ sustainability, compliance and savings on capital expenditure.

In the days after the Devon parasite outbreak, a series of inquiries came in and engineers turned round two confirmed orders for skid rentals in the south of England including one they readied for emergency collection on a Sunday evening. A third order is awaiting confirmation.  

At the same time, a rental skid that had been in use and returned for refurbishment was purchased by a water company for permanent deployment.

As well as highlighting the benefits of good quality filtration to the water industry in the UK, experts from Amazon Filters reiterated the message to global customers when they exhibited at IFAT Munich, the world’s largest trade fair for environmental technologies.

On their stand was a specially-shipped ‘plug-and-play’ skid containing three housing vessels and 40 filter cartridges.

It became a major talking point for visitors to the exhibition booth keen to discuss potential applications in times of flood, drought and other emergencies and supply disruptions.

Since the show, held in mid-May, Amazon Filters has received multiple inquiries for cartridge filtration solutions from water companies in Germany and Austria which it is now following up.

Head of Marketing David Ridealgh, who was on the IFAT stand, said: “We’ve seen a marked rise in inquiries and orders since we reiterated our message to water companies here in the UK and elsewhere that we have a range of critical filtration solutions to support them that can go straight into action on site.”

Among products commonly used by water companies is Amazon Filters’ absolute-rated depth filter SupaSpun II.

This is officially approved for use in the UK public water supply under the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s Regulation 31. 

A sustainable polypropylene version of SupaSpun II has just been released and in March, after extensive testing, it gained KTW DVGW certification for safety in the gas and water sectors under German regulations by the standards body DVGW.  

The various product improvements and certifications comply fully with the recasting of the EU Water Directive (DWD) 98/83/EC and its new rules on cartridge filtration.

The directive revised down the previous indicator level of turbidity at the tap from <1NTU to <0.3NTU, something Amazon Filters had already achieved.

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