RadRunner 3 Plus utility ebike has its sights set on your car

While some people like their ebikes to be sleek, simple and spartan, others like to really load them up with stuff. Rad Power Bikes’ just-announced “car-replacing” RadRunner 3 Plus should definitely appeal to folks in the latter crowd.

The RadRunner 3 Plus is essentially a fancier version of the company’s previously released RadRunner Plus. A little confusingly, there is no base-version RadRunner 3 although there is a base RadRunner 2, which sits lower in the hierarchy than the RadRunner Plus.

So, what sets the 3 Plus apart from the Plus?

For one thing, it reportedly offers a “sturdier, more stable ride” thanks to a redesigned step-through aluminum frame. That frame also sports a higher 350-lb (159-kg) rider/cargo capacity (as opposed to the Plus’ 300 lb/136 kg), a longer rear rack for a passenger or extra cargo, plus a pannier-mounting rail and new accessory mounting points for more storage placement options.

The RadRunner 3 Plus weighs in at a claimed 75.5 lb (34.2 kg)
The RadRunner 3 Plus weighs in at a claimed 75.5 lb (34.2 kg)

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The 3 Plus’ 750-watt custom rear hub motor has also been tweaked, allowing the ebike to climb hills a claimed 10% faster than the Plus. Additionally, the 3 Plus is the first Rad Power bike to offer the option of adding a second battery – doing so will double its range, which sits at 25 to 45 miles (40 to 72 km) per charge of its 672-Wh removable lithium battery. The top motor-assisted speed is 20 mph (32 km/h).

Finally, the 3 Plus’ handlebar display – which provides data such as speed, distance travelled, pedal assist level (there are five) and battery charge – is said to now be more intuitive and simpler to use.

The RadRunner 3 Plus' range can be doubled by adding an optional second battery
The RadRunner 3 Plus’ range can be doubled by adding an optional second battery

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Other features which aren’t necessarily new include Tekro hydraulic disc brakes; a Shimano Altus 1 x 7 drivetrain; an auto-on headlight and tail light; an RST suspension fork with 60 mm of travel; and Kenda K905 20 x 3.3-inch tires. The whole bike reportedly tips the scales at 75.5 lb (34.2 kg).

Pricing for the RadRunner 3 Plus starts at US$2,499. Its praises are sung in the video below. Debuting along with the ebike is the new Rad Trailer, which can be fitted with a pet-carrying insert and a cargo bin – pricing for it starts at $299.

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