Rare out-of-this-world Futuro house lands on New Zealand marketplace

The Futuro is an exceedingly rare UFO-like home that has gained cult status since its construction back in the 1960s. If you’ve always wanted to live in a proto-tiny house that looks like something from The Jetsons, you may be in luck as a model has come up for sale in New Zealand.

Back in 1965, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen was commissioned to design a ski cabin that would be easy to heat and could be placed on rough terrain, spawning what became known as the Futuro. It went on to receive a lot of global attention, though alas this didn’t translate into strong sales and it’s estimated that fewer than 100 were built, worldwide.

According to the owner of this particular model, around a dozen Futuro homes were installed throughout New Zealand’s North and South Island in the early 1970s. The New Zealand Futuros differed from their better known Finnish counterparts because the licensing agreement only covered the external design. This led to local builder Futuro Homes attempting to “de-plasticize” the interiors – the thought being that the average New Zealander would be put off by such an odd plastic decor.

Each dwelling was customized to meet the needs of the owner and options included patterned wallpaper, shag-pile carpet, and some very 1970s seating. For its first year of production Futuro Homes manufactured a unit per month. Then issues such as the petro-chemical crisis causing a spike in plastic prices led to a halt in production.

The Futuro house's original interior has been mostly removed, though this curved sofa remains
The Futuro house’s original interior has been mostly removed, though this curved sofa remains

Futuro Christchurch

Like all Futuros, this example is constructed from fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic, with the hatch door, stilts, and porthole-like windows all helping to enhance its UFO-like appearance.

The interior is laid out on one level and measures 50 sq m (538 sq ft). Except for the small sofa pictured, the existing furniture has been cleared out from when it was last relocated, though buyers will receive an original fiberglass kitchen bench, chair units, and shelving, plus a custom-shaped mattress if they want to put it back in.

Though it would be a shame to significantly modify it, the Futuro will need a bit of work to turn it into a habitable tiny home and there are potential issues with planning permission and durability – not to mention trying to work with a circular interior layout.

Offers are now open and the home goes to the highest bidder, with shipping available worldwide. Those interested can contact the owner directly via the source link below. According to The Spaces, the guide starting price for this example is NZD 300,000 (about US$200,000) and bids need to be in before December 5.

Source: Futuro Christchurch

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