RollWalk e-skates are the latest to motorize people’s feet

From time to time we all find ourselves wanting to move down the sidewalk quickly, but we don’t want to go to the effort (or spectacle) of running. RollWalk’s eRW3 Pro motorized roller skates were designed with just such scenarios in mind.

Similar to the Airtrick E-Skates, the Pros are attached overtop of the user’s existing footwear via ankle and toe straps with quick-release magnetic buckles. This means the skates can be taken off and chucked in a backpack when not needed, allowing the user to walk normally in their regular shoes.

Each skate features a one-piece 6061 aluminum frame, a 300-watt motor that produces 3.2 Nm (2.4 lb ft) of torque, and a 3.5-Ah Samsung 18650 lithium-ion battery – oh yeah, and four wheels clad in 70-mm silicone rubber tires.

The motors in both skates are simultaneously controlled by a single wireless handheld remote, taking users to their choice of four preset speeds: 7 km/h (4 mph), 16 km/h (10 mph), 21 km/h (31 mph) or 32 km/h (20 mph). An electronic braking system is utilized for stopping.

A pair of RollWalk eRW3 Pros will set you back $569
A pair of RollWalk eRW3 Pros will set you back $569


A single one-hour charge is claimed to be good for a range of 22 km (14 miles), presumably at the lowest speed. All of the electronics are IPX4 water-resistant, meaning they can withstand being splashed from any direction.

The skates themselves are claimed to tip the scales at 2 kg (4 lb) each, and can accommodate users weighing up to 100 kg (220 lb). They’re available now via the RollWalk website, priced at US$569.

You can see them in action – albeit briefly – in the video below.

RollWalk Electric Roller Skates | eRW3 Road Testing Ride

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