RydeSafe headlight frees up handlebar space by going on the head tube

Devices such as lights, bells and smartphone holders all compete for space on a typical bike’s handlebars. The RydeSafe light is designed to free up some of that real estate, by moving the headlight down to the head tube.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the RydeSafe Headtube Bike Light has a soft, grippy silicone outer covering which incorporates a 7-inch (178-mm) strap – the latter should fit around “even the fattest head tube.” If users want, they can also stick the light on their handlebars.

One hundred and eighty degrees of illumination is provided by a strip of 10 LEDs, with a combined output of 50 lumens – so it’s definitely a be-seen light, not a see-the-road light. It’s also IPX4 water-resistant, meaning it’s protected against splashes from any direction.

The RydeSafe headlight (and its matching tail light) is available in multiple colors
The RydeSafe headlight (and its matching tail light) is available in multiple colors


One USB charge of the RydeSafe’s lithium battery is claimed to be good for up to seven hours of runtime, depending on which of four output modes is selected – these include High, Low, Flash and a slowly pulsating Breathe mode. The whole thing reportedly tips the scales at 56 grams (2 oz), and is being offered in a choice of 10 body colors.

Assuming the headlight reaches production, a pledge of US$32 will get you one – the planned retail price is $40. For a pledge of $52, backers will also get a matching tail light (combined retail $80).

The RydeSafe Headtube Bike Light is demonstrated in the following video. Cyclists who want more room on their bars might also want to check out the Aintro Handlebars we recently covered, which feature built-in internally routed brake levers.

RydeSafe Headtube Bike Light

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