S1 Smart Lock unlocks through fingerprints, NFC, passcodes or app

Who knew there were so many “smart” ways to unlock a lock? For years companies have been trying to get people to use their phones or keypads or fobs, and now a new startup called Yeeuu Tech has thrown a bunch of methods into one device. The S1 Smart Lock packs eight different unlocking methods, and it can be fitted into most existing locks.

The S1 takes the place of an existing door handle and lock barrel. To unlock it, users can scan their fingerprint, punch in a passcode, use the app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, use a device with NFC, tap an included custom “badge”, give a voice command through an assistant, or use an old-fashioned mechanical key.

The fingerprint sensor is located on the top in easy thumb reach, and can apparently be read in under half a second. The system can store up to 50 different fingerprints.

The front of the S1 is a touchscreen with a ring of numbers, which can be used to type in a passcode. Several different passcode modes can be layered on – everyone who lives there can use a permanent password, while dynamic passwords that expire after five minutes can be given to visitors or Airbnb guests. Other temporary passwords can be set to work only during certain times or on certain days or dates. If a cleaner comes every Monday at 10 am, for example, their password can be set to only work then.

The S1 Smart Lock has a touchscreen on the front with a ring of numbers for entering passcodes
The S1 Smart Lock has a touchscreen on the front with a ring of numbers for entering passcodes

Yeeuu Tech

If the S1 lock is connected to the home Wi-Fi through the optional bridge, users can unlock it from anywhere with the app – say if you need to let in family while you’re still on your way home. The app can also work when a phone is within Bluetooth range of the lock, or by tapping a phone or smartwatch with an NFC chip built in.

The S1 also bundles in three NFC badges that can be tapped to the reader to unlock it. If you’re inside the house and someone arrives, you can bark an order to Alexa or the Google Assistant to unlock the door. And if all of that fails, the cover can be removed to reveal a plain old keyhole.

The S1 Smart Lock can be unlocked through a smartphone app, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
The S1 Smart Lock can be unlocked through a smartphone app, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Yeeuu Tech

It’s all controlled through the Yeeuu app, which keeps a log of who’s coming and going, and allows users to grant and revoke permissions, and set and change passwords. The usual security measures apply too. If the wrong password or fingerprint is detected, the door will lock for 15 minutes and an alert will be sent to the app.

The S1 is powered by three triple-A batteries, and the company says it should last a year before needing a battery change. If the battery does die, the key option makes sure you can still get in. It should also be safe out there in the elements, with an IP55 rating meaning it can shake off rain and dust.

The S1 has more entry methods than we’ve seen in any one smart lock before, and it’s at a decent-enough price – at least, if you can get the Super Early Bird price. After that things get a bit rich.

Yeeuu Tech is currently funding the S1 Smart Lock through Indiegogo, where it’s already raised more than US$45,000 – smashing its $5,000 goal. Super Early Bird pledges begin at $99 for the basic model, which does everything but the fingerprint scanning, or $129 for the deluxe model. The Wi-Fi bridge is also an option, allowing users to check the app from anywhere.

The company behind it, Yeeuu Tech, also recently wrapped up another crowdfunding campaign for a Smart Lock Box. Shipping for that was due in April, but the COVID-19 situation appears to have delayed things a bit. For the new campaign, shipping is apparently due to start in June, but we’d suspect a delay might also be on the cards there.

The S1 Smart Lock can be seen in action in the video below.

S1 Smart Lock Intro Video

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