Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge PC debuts with inbuilt AI

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge PC debuts with inbuilt AI

Samsung Electronics has launched the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge, a next-generation artificial intelligence personal computer designed with AI integration, according to the technology company.

Unveiled on Monday May 21, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge features a 45 TOPS NPU (neural processing unit) for AI computing, offering hybrid AI capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge specifications

Empowering connectivity

The Galaxy Book4 Edge marks Samsung’s commitment to creating a seamlessly connected digital experience, according to the technology company. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, said that “the Galaxy Book4 Edge expands our vision of AI connectivity — bridging the gap between mobile and PC, while democratising AI experiences.”

Innovative AI integration

Powered by Galaxy AI, the Galaxy Book4 Edge leverages a hybrid AI approach, combining on-device and cloud-based processing. This ensures functionality even when offline, prioritising both productivity and security. Additionally, the Snapdragon X Elite processor enhances the device’s AI capabilities, empowering users with efficient performance.

Collaboration for enhanced functionality

Through collaboration with Microsoft, Samsung integrates Copilot in Windows, offering advanced AI features. Users can interact with their devices using voice commands, perform tasks efficiently, and receive intelligent suggestions. This partnership, the company said, underscores Samsung’s dedication to delivering exceptional hardware and software experiences.

Enhanced user productivity

The Galaxy Book4 Edge features various AI-driven tools to streamline workflows. For example, the Recall feature enables users to find documents through description, while Live Captions provide real-time English subtitles during video calls. Additionally, creative tools like Cocreator facilitate artistic expression.

Functional design and performance

Designed for portability and style, the Galaxy Book4 Edge boasts an ultra-thin and lightweight build. Its Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate ensures impressive visuals and improved outdoor visibility. The device also offers long-lasting battery life and Super-Fast charging for uninterrupted productivity.

Stronger security with AI

With Samsung Knox and Microsoft’s advanced security features, the Galaxy Book4 Edge prioritises user data protection. On-device AI processing ensures privacy, while cloud-based activities are safeguarded against threats.

Market availability

Samsung said the Galaxy Book4 Edge, which will be available starting June 18, 2024, comes in 14-inch and 16-inch models, featuring a premium finish crafted from recycled materials.

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