Seriously small tiny house essentially a simple cabin on wheels

At a glance, the Imago Iter by Japan’s Bess, may look like a typical tiny house, but its interior is perhaps better thought of as a simple, stripped-down cabin. It does without a lot of the features we often see in such models to offer a very compact and easily towable living space.

The Imago Iter is based on a double-axle trailer and is finished in cedar, with the option of either a traditional wooden roof or a plastic roof. It measures just 3.7 m (12 ft) in length. To put that into perspective, Minimaliste’s Magnolia V5 model is over three times the length.

The interior is reached by sliding glass doors and there is generous glazing throughout. There’s just 6.51 sq m (70 sq ft) of floorspace available, all of which is taken up by a single room that can be modified by the owner to add furniture and shelving – or maybe even a small mezzanine sleeping area – as required.

There’s no bathroom as standard, nor is there a kitchen, and while these could conceivably be added, it seems best suited to short camping trips, being used as an extra bedroom, or perhaps serving as a portable home office, rather than a full-time home (that said, for the determined, where there’s a will, there’s a way).

The Imago Iter's interior measures just 6.51 sq m (70 sq ft) and consists of one room
The Imago Iter’s interior measures just 6.51 sq m (70 sq ft) and consists of one room


The example shown contains a sofa, storage space, musical instruments, some scattered boxes and other furniture.

The Imago Iter is on the market starting at 3.51 million Yen (roughly US$30,000, though there’s currently no word on international availability), depending on options chosen.

Source: Bess (in Japanese)

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