Silent 120 Explorer yacht will accommodate a personal sub and an eVTOL

Austrian boat-builder Silent Yachts is already known for its line of solar-powered catamarans. Now, the company has announced its Silent 120 Explorer superyacht, which includes spaces for an eVTOL and a personal submarine.

According to Silent Yachts, the first Silent 120 Explorer is already being built, and is due to launch next year.

The luxury catamaran measures 36.74 m long (120 ft) by 13.85 m wide (45.4 ft) by 10.46 m high (34.3 ft), and utilizes multiple 40-kWp (kilowatt-peak) photovoltaic panels to charge an 800-kWh lithium-ion battery bank.

That bank in turn powers two 340-kW electric motors, delivering an estimated top speed of 16 knots (18 mph or 30 km/h) – the vessel’s more efficient cruising speed is around 8 knots (9 mph or 15 km/h).

The XP4 eVTOL comes in for a landing on the Silent 120 Explorer
The XP4 eVTOL comes in for a landing on the Silent 120 Explorer

Silent Yachts

As many as three internal-combustion generators can be used to provide backup power, and extend the yacht’s range when the battery alone isn’t enough.

And yes, there’s that eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft) …

Named the XP4, it’s being developed by British aviation startup VRCO. Due for certification in 2024, it’s planned to seat up to four people, have a cruising speed of 160 knots (184 mph or 296 km/h), and a maximum flight time of one hour. Some of its other features should include computer-assisted flight, an emergency parachute system, collision avoidance technology, and low-altitude crash prevention systems.

A rendering of the XP4 eVTOL in forward flight
A rendering of the XP4 eVTOL in forward flight


It will land on and take off from a helipad on the Silent 120 Explorer’s roof, where it will use the vessel’s solar panels to recharge its battery pack. That said, if the yacht itself needs more juice, the XP4 can provide it – much in the same way electric cars can already be used to provide electricity to homes, when needed.

And then there’s the submarine …

Already in the hands of some customers, it’s called the Nemo, and is made by Dutch submersible company U-Boat Worx. It seats two people, can descend to a maximum depth of 100 m (328 ft), travel at a top speed of 3 knots (3 mph or 6 km/h), and remain autonomous for up to eight hours.

The U-Boat Worx Nemo personal submarine
The U-Boat Worx Nemo personal submarine

U-Boat Worx

On the Silent 120 Explorer, it can be stored either on the main deck next to the swimming pool (presumably with a small crane nearby), or in the port-side hull’s tender garage.

“The trend is for bigger yachts and more luxury, more comfort, more water toys and more possibilities,” said Silent Yachts founder and CEO, Michael Köhler. “In the Silent 120 Explorer we designed a boat that is bigger in volume although not in length, and bigger gives the opportunity to store more of these toys.”

Source: Silent Yachts

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