Sizable Magnolia V5 tiny house is like an apartment on wheels

Canada’s Minimaliste recently completed a new tiny house based on its popular all-weather Magnolia model. Featuring the same basic design, but significantly larger, the Magnolia V5’s interior is more like a small apartment on wheels than your typical tiny house.

The Magnolia measures 38 x 10.5 ft (11.5 x 3.2 m), which makes it one of the larger tiny houses on the market (though by no means the largest) and unsuitable for towing without a permit. It’s based on a triple-axle trailer and is finished in cedar, some of which is charred using the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban method.

Visitors enter into the living room, which contains a large entertainment center and some storage space (the TV and sofa weren’t installed when the photos were taken). The decor is clean and modern, and while it’s not huge in there, the extra space really makes a difference.

Nearby is the kitchen, which features a microwave oven, electric cooktop, range hood, farmhouse-style sink, and an apartment-sized fridge/freezer. The countertops are quartz and the storage space in this one is quite generous, with a large closet, a pull-out pantry, and assorted cabinetry. A breakfast bar will be used as the main dining table.

The Magnolia V5 has a clean and modern interior decor that flatters the small space
The Magnolia V5 has a clean and modern interior decor that flatters the small space


A sliding door leads from the kitchen to the bathroom, which has a shower, flushing toilet, and a small sink and vanity unit. There’s also a water heater and a stacked washing machine and dryer.

Another door in the bathroom leads through to the master bedroom. This includes a king-sized bed that can be raised to reveal storage space, as well as more cabinetry, and has plenty of headroom for the owners to stand up straight, which is still a luxury in a tiny house. There’s another bedroom up in a loft space above the bathroom which will be used for guests and storage, and is reached by a removable ladder from the main living space.

Like Minimaliste’s previous Magnolia model, the Magnolia V5 runs from a standard RV-style hookup and was constructed using SIPs (structural insulated panels). It has excellent insulation and a high level of airtightness, both of which mean it maintains a relatively stable interior temperature even in extremes of heat and cold. Heating and cooling are provided by ceiling fans and two mini-split air-conditioning units, plus there are a pair heat recovery air exchangers.

View of the Magnolia V5's main living area from the loft bedroom
View of the Magnolia V5’s main living area from the loft bedroom


We’ve no word on the price of this model, which is now headed to its new owner in Alabama, but the standard Magnolia starts at CAD129,500 (roughly US$95,000).

Source: Minimaliste

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