SKT, Qualcomm confirm 5G talks

SKT, Qualcomm confirm 5G talks

SK Telecom (SKT) confirmed affiliate executives met with Qualcomm president and CEO Cristiano Amon (pictured, left) at CES 2022 to discuss cooperating on a variety of ICT initiatives including semiconductors and 5G.

Park Jung-ho, vice chairman and CEO of SK Square and SK Hynix (pictured right), led the talks which also included SKT CEO Ryu Young-sang and SK Hynix CEO Lee Seok-Hee.

SKT explained in a statement the companies discussed collaboration on 5G areas including the metaverse and smart factories, and developing data centre applications and high-speed memory for PCs.

Park stated: “With competition intensifying in the global ICT market, cooperation is no longer a matter of choice but an absolute necessity.”

The Korea Herald reported yesterday (6 January) Park said SK affiliates plan to partner with Qualcomm on AI chips.


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