Solo Stove’s cute and colorful Mesa pits put smokeless fire on the table

Solo Stove has added another elegant fire pit to its catalog, this time scaling down its signature smoke-free design into a tabletop-friendly solution it calls the Mesa. The adorable little fire pit comes in a range of color options and has a small footprint, bringing new warmth to confined spaces or perhaps even a backpacking trip.

The stainless steel Mesa is a miniaturized version of Solo Stove’s impressive set of larger backyard fire pits. These rely on a carefully engineered chamber that sucks air in through vents at the base, up through the walls and out across the top of the fire to kill off smoke particles as it burns.

These now come in a range of sizes to suit different settings, from spacious backyards to tighter urban patios, but the Mesa lands as the smallest of the bunch. It measures 5.1 inches (13 cm) across and 6.8 inches (17.2 cm) tall, and is designed to be plonked in the middle of a table or another surface where space is at a premium.

Solo Stove's Mesa fire pit can be fueled with pellets or traditional wood
Solo Stove’s Mesa fire pit can be fueled with pellets or traditional wood

Solo Stove

Claimed to ignite in a matter of minutes, the Mesa works with either traditional wood fuel or pellets, with a special pellet adapter included. To prevent it burning the tabletop or surface underneath it also comes with a stand, which folds up and can be packed inside the fire pit for easy portability. With a weight of just 1.4 lb (635 g), the Mesa could also be a good option for hiking or camping for those unable or unwilling to lug along a more cumbersome fire pit.

Solo Stove's Mesa comes in a range of colors
Solo Stove’s Mesa comes in a range of colors

Solo Stove

“Mesa lights easily and with its smaller size, fits any outdoor space,” said Solo Stove’s Clint Mickle. “Creating good moments has never been easier, and we’re thrilled to see new and existing customers gathered around this ingenious, low-smoke tabletop fire pit.”

Available in Deep Olive, Mulberry, Bone, Ash and Water color schemes, the Mesa is available now and priced at $US80.

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