Special edition Swiss Army knife brings Damascus steel to picnic time

Victorinox has introduced a limited edition version of its snack-oriented Picknicker knife, kitting out the 10-tool implement with a distinctly premium touch courtesy of European pear wood and a dash of Damascus steel.

The Vctorinox Swiss Army Picknicker Damast is cut from the same mould as the company’s original Picknicker, a large locking blade pocket knife equipped with a corkscrew, bottle opener, can opener, screwdrivers and wire strippers.

Many of these implements carry over to the special edition Picknicker Damast, though the company has dropped the tweezers and toothpick on the original and added an extra cheese blade instead.

This accompanies a larger blade made from Damasteel, a modern adaptation of tough Damascus steel that is finished in a swirly pattern dubbed “Baldur.” Meanwhile, the smooth European pear wood used as the knife scales add a nice touch of timber to the equation.

The Vctorinox Swiss Army Picknicker Damast retails for US$375
The Vctorinox Swiss Army Picknicker Damast retails for US$375


The tool follows the release of last year’s Swiss Champ Damast Limited Edition, a Damascus steel variation of the original Swiss Champ, and is the 13th Damast Limited Edition overall. It weighs 122 g (4.3 oz), and has a length of 111 mm (4.3) and height of 22 mm (0.86 in).

Victorinox is making the knife available as a limited run of 6,000 sequentially numbered pieces, at a retail price of $375.

Source: Victorinox

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