This $30 bundle will help you start your own business

This $30 bundle will help you start your own business

Get four CPD-accredited leadership courses on sale now with The Ultimate Business Management Bundle.

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As the Great Resignation inspires all kinds of change, you can take it upon yourself to better your own professional life. Whether you want to climb the ladder in your existing company or go off and start your own, you’ll need to improve your business skills. With The Ultimate Business Management Bundle, you’ll get the training you need to build a strong foundation.

This quick, two-hour bundle includes four courses to help you effectively launch and manage a business or develop business skills to climb up the career ladder.

In the first course, you’ll learn the key aspects of running a business, understanding how to set up a business and run it efficiently. There’s an introduction to marketing, business plans and operation tactics to help you get going quickly. In the Business Administration and Management Diploma Level 3 Course, you’ll get introduced to the functions of business administration, financial accounting, as well as effective business writing and leadership skills. There’s also a copywriting specialist course to teach you the best copywriting methods and techniques, and a deep dive on how to build a business while working from home.

The entire bundle is CPD-Accredited, meaning you’ll earn certified CPD hours that look good on a resume, whether you’re showing it to your employers or potential clients.

Why settle for a mediocre job? Get out there and start your own business with The Ultimate Business Management Bundle, now on sale for just $29.99.

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