Three-bedroom tiny house sleeps a family of five under one small roof

The Grevillea looks like it could be a good option for families. The tiny house sleeps up to five people – at a squeeze – with a space-saving layout that fits three bedrooms and a well-stocked kitchen into a length of just 8.4 m (27 ft).

The Grevillea (named after an evergreen tree), by Evergreen Homes Australia, is based on a triple-axle trailer and is finished in a black metal exterior, which is enlivened by timber accenting. Its glass door opens onto a compact living room containing a small sofa and a wood-burning stove. The decor inside is light and airy thanks to the generous glazing and high ceilings, and there’s a focus on maximizing storage space, with lots of little nooks and shelving available.

Adjacent to the living room is the kitchen. This is actually quite well-stocked for a tiny house, and includes a two-burner propane-powered stove, a full-size electric oven and fridge/freezer, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a sink. There’s also a seating area with a pair of stools and a breakfast bar for two, which has a pull-out table area for extending the counterspace.

Next to the kitchen is the master bedroom. Since it’s situated downstairs, it offers ample headroom to stand upright and it contains a queen-sized bed. Over on the opposite side of the home on the ground floor is the bathroom. This features a full-sized shower, a vanity sink, and a composting toilet.

The Grevillea's interior looks light-filled thanks to its generous glazing
The Grevillea’s interior looks light-filled thanks to its generous glazing

Evergreen Homes Australia

Alongside its master bedroom, the Grevillea includes two loft bedrooms. The larger of these is reached by a storage-integrated staircase and is a typical tiny house-style loft space, with room for a queen-sized bed plus a wall-mounted TV. The smaller bedroom, meanwhile, is reached by a wooden ladder and has space to sleep one person, or alternatively can be used as for storage.

Of course, five people living in a tiny house would be pushing it a bit, but for vacations or short stays the Grevillea’s sleeping capacity could be useful. Alternatively, it could make for a much more practical full-time home for a family of three.

The Grevillea gets power from a grid-based hookup as standard, though is wired ready to accept solar panels if the owner wants to cut the cord and embrace an off-the-grid lifestyle. We’ve no word on the exact price of this one.

Source: Evergreen Homes Australia

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