Titanium carabiner multi-tool packs a blade and more

If there are two things that gear nerds like, it’s multi-tools and carabiners. We’ve thus seen a number of devices that combine the two, with the latest being the titanium-bodied Mul.Ti.Biner 2.0.

First of all, yes, you can simply use the device as a spring-loaded carabiner, for hanging things up or linking them together. It also incorporates a replaceable cutting blade, though, that can be locked off at four different lengths depending on the task at hand.

Some of its other features include a bottle opener, three metric sizes of hex-wrench holes, a key chain receptacle, and both Phillips and flat-head screwdriver bits – the latter doubles as a tool for prying lids off of cans.

The Mul.Ti.Biner 2.0 is being offered in four colors
The Mul.Ti.Biner 2.0 is being offered in four colors

Mul.Ti.Biner 2.0

And while most buyers would probably want to show off its natural titanium color, the Mul.Ti.Biner 2.0 is also being offered in color choices of gold, black or blue.

Its Toronto-based designers have turned to Kickstarter to finance production of the device. Assuming everything works out, a pledge of CAD$54 (about US$39) will get you one – that’s 50 percent off the planned retail price.

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