Traveler Board electric longboard comes apart when it’s time to fly

Electric longboards may be a cool and handy form of urban transportation, but they’re typically too big to carry in an airline-friendly bag. The aptly-named Traveler Board is an exception, and while it’s made with portability in mind, it still boasts some impressive specs.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Traveler Board was designed by San Francisco-based ex-Tesla engineer Mike King.

First and foremost, it can reportedly be broken down and packed into an included TSA-compliant backpack in less than one minute. This functionality comes thanks to its QuickSplit technology, which was inspired by the assembly mechanisms of splitboard snowboards. And it should be noted that the backpack does include some extra space for items such as a laptop computer or tablet.

All assembled and ready to roll
All assembled and ready to roll

Traveler Boards

The Traveler Board is propelled by two rear-wheel motors, which are in turn powered by a battery mounted under the deck. Backers can choose between two versions of both the motors and the battery.

In the Performance model of the board, dual 2,450-watt motors are powered by a 274-Wh lithium battery pack, delivering a top speed of 33 mph (53 km/h) – the battery pack can be split into three airport-security-friendly 91-Wh batteries for travel. The sleeker Base model is equipped with two 1,380-watt motors powered by a 99-Wh battery, producing a top speed of 27 mph (43 km/h). Two of the batteries are included, so users can quickly swap one for the other.

According to the designers, the Performance model should be good for a range of 19 miles (31 km) per charge, with the Base model sitting at 6 miles (10 km) for each battery. The two models are claimed to tip the scales at 13.5 lb (6.1 kg) and 12.7 lb (5.8 kg) respectively, and can handle a maximum rider weight of 250 lb (113 kg).

For users wanting a bit more oomph, it is possible to equip the board with higher-performance aftermarket motors and/or batteries.

The Traveler Board, stuffed into its backpack
The Traveler Board, stuffed into its backpack

Traveler Boards

Components-wise, some of the Traveler Board’s highlights include Caliber II trucks, Orangatang wheels, Riptide/Blood Orange bushings, Zealous bearings, and a Canadian maple/triaxial fiberglass deck.

Although lower-priced supply-your-own-battery packages are available, pledges for the versions described start at US$2,095 for the Base and $2,099 for the Performance. Assuming everything goes according to plan, they should ship next May. Pledges will only be accepted from US-based customers, but prospective buyers in other countries are invited to email the company at for updates on wider commercial availability.

You can see the Traveler Board being disassembled and reassembled, in the video below.

Potential backers might also want to check out the existing Italian-designed Linky folding electric longboard, which is priced at €999 (about US$972).

Traveler Boards – Packing and Unpacking the World’s Most Portable Electric Skateboards

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