Two-step folding ebike powers through 150 miles of easy riding

With a mission to create a “dream electric bike that ensure good looks, functionality and safety,” Hong Kong’s Zectron Bikes has launched a funky looking folding ride that can be had with dual batteries for up to 150 miles of pedal-assist riding, or around half the range on throttle only, and folds down for between-ride transport in two quick steps.

Currently the subject of an Indiegogo funding campaign, the Zectron folding ebike is available with an IPX5-rated speed-sensing 350-W motor for up to 20 mph of pedal assist over five power levels plus throttle in the US, or a 250-W motor for 25 km/h in Europe.

Either way, there’s a 7-speed Shimano gearset for ride flexibility, and a cruise control feature can also be engaged that will lock in the speed if the tech determines that the ebike has been moving at the same pace for five seconds.

With the integrated 417.6-Wh battery, riders could get up to 70 miles (120 km) of per-charge range with pedal assist at level one or 35 miles (60 km) using just the throttle. But a second (removable) battery wedged neatly under the frame in front of the pedals bumps the capacity up to 835 Wh for a per-charge ride of up to 150 miles (250 km) at the lowest power level or 70 miles (120 km) of throttling. This second battery also hosts a USB charge port for topping up a smartphone while out and about.

The Zectron folding ebike is available with a 350-W motor for US riders, or 250-W for those in Europe
The Zectron folding ebike is available with a 350-W motor for US riders, or 250-W for those in Europe

Zectron Bikes

The Zectron measures 59 x 26 x 42 in (150 x 65 x 106 cm) unfolded, but collapses down in two easy steps to 33 x 25 x 31 in (85 x 65 x 80 cm) for between-ride transport. It weighs in at 55 lb (25 kg), and can handle a maximum load of 265 lb (120 kg).

The ebike is built around an “aerospace-grade” uni-body magnesium alloy frame with an adjustable seat post running through the rear, and there’s swingarm oil suspension below for smoothing out some of the bumps along the way. It rolls on 20-inch six-spoke aluminum alloy rims wrapped in 2.125-inch-wide tires, stopping power is provided by hydraulic disc brakes, and there’s built-in lighting front and back.

Rounding out the key specs is a 3.9-inch LCD display that’s integrated into the handlebar and shows key ebike data and ride info, and the funky folder can be paired with a smartphone running a mobile app for more control and deeper data dives (plus optional GPS tracking is available).

The Indiegogo campaign has already past its modest funding goal with about a month left to run. Perk levels currently start at US$899, which shaves 55% off the expected retail price. The second battery pack is available as an optional extra for $279, as are accessories such as a fast charger, LED-packing smart helmet and front/rear fenders. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in April 2023.

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