UE true wireless earphones offer a custom fit in less than 60 seconds

True wireless earphones are a great way to listen to music on the move without the blight of cable spaghetti. But getting a good fit is vital, both for optimum sound quality and to ensure the buds stay put. Each ear is unique though, meaning the supplied tips might not be up to the job. Ultimate Ears aims to fix that with the UE Fits.

If you want in-ear monitors with a custom fit, you can book an appointment with an audiologist and then order custom earphones based on your ear molds. But that can take a lot of time and money. UE uses an app, some gel and embedded LEDs to give you a custom fit in under a minute.

“We are redefining wireless earphones with UE Fits,” said the company’s Jonah Shaw. “For the first time ever, we are bringing instant custom fit to premium earbuds. With the press of a button and in under 60 seconds, consumers can experience exceptional comfort and sound quality from earphones that perfectly fit the unique shape of their ears.”

Like the Decibulz and Revols custom-fit wire earphones we saw back in 2015, the UE process is a one time molding deal. Users first need to fire up an Android/iOS companion app before popping in the Fits earphones. The tips are filled with gel which hardens when the embedded LEDs emit a purple light, which are activated via the app. The process is reported to take under 60 seconds, after which you should have a pair of true wireless earphones with tips that are contoured to precisely fit the shape of your ears.

The custom fit makes for long-haul listening comfort, while also offering good passive noise isolation
The custom fit makes for long-haul listening comfort, while also offering good passive noise isolation

Ultimate Ears

UE says that users can look forward to long-haul listening comfort and good passive noise isolation. The 10-mm drivers offer a “full, warm and detailed” sound signature, playback and call taking are controlled by touch, with functions and EQ tweaked via the app, and the dual microphones are designed to cut wind noise and enhance call clarity.

Users should get up to eight hours of continuous per charge play from the earphones, which can be extended to over 20 hours when using the supplied charging case.

The UE Fits are currently up for pre-order for US$249, with shipping expected to start in the US fall. International availability is “coming soon.”

Product page: UE Fits

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