UK Filter Maker Eyes Export Success at IFAT Munich Trade Fair

UK Filter Maker Eyes Export Success at IFAT Munich Trade Fair

Experts from the UK firm will discuss essential products and solutions for the global water industry when they exhibit at IFAT Munich in May.

On their stand will be a specially-shipped containerised skid filtration system, an example of a mobile ‘plug and play’ kit that UK water companies increasingly rent to maintain supply in times of flood, drought and other emergencies.

The skid, which contains three housing vessels and 40 filter cartridges, is set to be a major talking point for visitors to Amazon Filters’ 4.5m by 4.5m exhibition booth. 

They will include representatives from European and worldwide companies and organisations working in municipal water, sewage, waste and raw materials management. 

Based on flow rates and projections, cartridge filtration from Amazon Filters has seen more than 350 billion litres of water filtered by UK water companies in the past year, ensuring a safe, clean and consistent supply to tens of millions of homes and businesses.

At the same time, Amazon Filters has just released sustainable polypropylene versions of its flagship SupaSpun II, SupaGard, Contour and VisClear II product ranges. 

These are widely used in critical liquid filtration processes in municipal water and other vital industries such as oil and gas, food and beverage, chemicals and coatings, and pharmaceuticals.

Absolute-rated SupaSpun II has long been on the approved list for use in the UK public water supply under the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s Regulation 31. 

And in March, after extensive testing, it gained KTW DVGW certification for safety in the gas and water sectors under German regulations by the standards body DVGW.   

The various product improvements and certifications comply fully with the recasting of the EU Water Directive (DWD) 98/83/EC and its new rules on cartridge filtration. The directive revised down the previous indicator level of turbidity at the tap from <1NTU to <0.3NTU, something Amazon Filters had already achieved.

As well as turbidity control, Amazon Filters supports the water industry through chlorine reduction and the removal of iron, manganese, cryptosporidium and other contaminants and chemicals.

Amazon Filters’ IFAT exhibitors are Director Jeff Kirby, Marketing Manager David Ridealgh, Senior Sales Engineer Marco Kluge and Manager for Germany Ulrich Bräutigam. 

Our key messages for IFAT this year are around sustainability, compliance and how good quality filtration can save on capital expenditure and be more friendly to the environment,” said Ulrich. “We will explain how our solutions are a viable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to sandbed filtration, and can be packaged in containerised or skid formats with the option of remote monitoring.

“We will highlight our 39 years of experience in innovating products and solutions for different sectors and how we aim to build on our role as a trusted supplier to the municipal water industry in the UK.

“IFAT gives us a prime opportunity to explain how can export our strengths to more customers both in the EU and around the world.”

Amazon Filters will be at Booth 543 in Hall A1 at IFAT Munich, taking place from 13 to 17 May 2024.

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