Valves for Critical Pressure Management 

Valves for Critical Pressure Management 

The Stockport Sludge Treatment Centre in Greater Manchester processes over 600 cubic metres of sludge from local wastewater treatment facilities every day. Anaerobic digestion transforms the sludge into a renewable biogas that is used to produce enough electricity to power more than 1200 homes for a year.

Government backed funding saw the Stockport site become the first in the UK to be retrofitted with an innovative new technology that boosts biogas production by up to 20%, paving the way for greater sustainable energy recovery.

As part of the retrofit, T-T Flow – T-T’s dedicated valve design, manufacture and supply department – were asked to provide a complete valve package, including knife gate valves, swing check valves and fast acting relief valves.

Amongst these, the supplied relief valves are set to play a crucial role in on-site safety.

Due to the pressure produced by the system’s anaerobic digestion processes, there is a higher chance of surge events like water hammer occurring. Flow inefficiencies, damage to infrastructure and explosion are all potential consequences of not effectively managing system pressure, endangering the integrity of the site and the safety of its operatives.

The supplied self-acting relief valves mitigate this risk. Calibrated to maintain the desired pressure of the application, they operate by opening when this pressure is exceeded and discharge excess fluid to avoid an over pressure event. 

Due to the criticality of the application, T-T Flow specified relief valves that would respond quickly and reliably to pressure fluctuations, featuring fast-acting annealed springs and a smooth, lightweight internal profile that minimises operational resistance.

To guarantee long-term operational reliability within the corrosive environment of the sludge treatment facility, the chosen valves are comprised of a high strength/low weight ductile iron body; a precision machined stainless steel seat; and A2-70 stainless steel fasteners.

Expert Valve Specification

T-T Flow’s portfolio spans back to 1987, when they began specifying waterworks valves for a range of complex and specialist applications.

From biogas production and pharmaceuticals to food processing and clean water applications, the experts at T-T Flow are consistently delivering unparalleled performance across the valve industry.

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