Video: Hardy tiny house gets a size boost for apartment-like living

Canada’s Minimaliste previously impressed us with its Noyer and Noyer XL models, which offer luxurious small living in all weather, including extremes of hot and cold. The firm has now iterated on the Noyer line once again with a new and improved – and even larger – tiny house that offers lots of storage space and a roomy apartment-like layout.

The 2024 Noyer XL has a length of 38.5 ft (11.7 m), which is an increase of 3.5 ft (just over 1 m) over the previous Noyer XL. Obviously this isn’t a huge amount but every inch helps with these tiny houses. It also has a width of 10.5 ft (3.2 m), which means it requires a permit to tow on the road, so you lose some flexibility but gain a much more spacious interior compared to a standard tiny house. Its exterior is finished in horizontal cedar and vertical steel, and it’s based on a triple-axle trailer.

The entrance opens onto the kitchen with the living room to the right. This has a raised floor, creating a useful-looking underfloor storage area that slides out in long drawers. Storage is a crucial area that some tiny house builders neglect, but Minimaliste has gone to a lot of effort to install lots of little nooks throughout this one. Up in the living room proper is a sofa and some more seating, as well as an entertainment center.

The kitchen itself looks relatively spacious and contains more storage space, as well as a fridge/freezer, oven, sink, and a propane-powered stove. There’s also a dedicated breakfast bar-style dining area with stool seating.

The 2024 Noyer XL's extra width lends its interior a more spacious and apartment-like layout
The 2024 Noyer XL’s extra width lends its interior a more spacious and apartment-like layout


The 2024 Noyer XL’s kitchen connects to a hallway, which has a separate washing machine and dryer installed, plus some shelving, and offers access to the bathroom. This is a standard tiny house bathroom and looks very compact, with a flushing toilet, vanity sink unit, and a shower.

The downstairs bedroom is accessed via the hallway too. Thanks to its ample headroom, it can fit a double bed or even bunk beds, and also has yet more storage in the form of a large wardrobe. Elsewhere, an upstairs bedroom is accessed by storage-integrated stairs and is a typical loft-style space with a low ceiling and a double bed, plus a little more storage.

The 2024 Noyer XL's downstairs bedroom has ample headroom to stand upright
The 2024 Noyer XL’s downstairs bedroom has ample headroom to stand upright


As is the case with previous Minimaliste tiny houses, the 2024 Noyer XL was built using SIPs (structural insulated panels) and has excellent insulation and a high level of airtightness, meaning it maintains a steady temperature inside and uses relatively little energy to heat or cool. It gets power from a standard RV-style hookup and has heat recovery air exchangers and mini-split air-conditioning systems installed.

We’ve no word on the price of this exact model, but the Noyer XL line starts at US$154,500. Check out the short video below for a tour.

The 2024 Noyer XL tiny house on wheels, by Minimaliste

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