Way-out wearable lets you drink from your shirt

Many runners don’t like the way hydration packs bounce and sway with every step, nor do they like holding onto water bottles. Vessel Athletics’ Hydroshirt offers what might be a better alternative to both, in that it incorporates its own snugged-down water bladder.

Designed by San Francisco-based runners Jasmine Sanchez and Jalen Brown, the Hydroshirt is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

The actual garment itself is made primarily of a custom nylon/spandex blend that is treated with a wicking and anti-pilling finish. On the back of the shirt is a zippered spandex pouch which holds the removable bladder. Perforations in the pouch and its integrated shoulder straps help the spandex to breath.

The pouch's shoulder straps get tightened down before every run
The pouch’s shoulder straps get tightened down before every run

Vessel Athletics

The custom 1-liter (32-oz) bladder is made of a BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free dishwasher-safe polymer. It has a lumbar shape that follows the contours of the wearer’s back, along with an internal center baffle that keeps the water from sloshing side-to-side.

A removable silicone tube/straw runs up from the bladder, out of the pouch, through an elastic shoulder loop and over to a magnet hidden inside one of the shoulder straps. That magnet clicks with one in the bite valve at the end of the tube, holding that valve within easy reach at all times.

Once the bladder has been filled with water and placed inside the pouch at the beginning of a run, the shoulder straps get cinched down to snug it firmly in place. For particularly hot days (or hot users) the bladder can be slipped inside an included insulated sleeve before going into the pouch, to help keep the water cool.

Magnets in the shoulder strap and bite valve hold the latter in place
Magnets in the shoulder strap and bite valve hold the latter in place

Vessel Athletics

Some of the Hydroshirt’s other features include sleeve pockets for holding things like keys or energy gel packets, along with reflective strips for better nighttime visibility.

Assuming the Kickstarter is successful, a pledge US$89 will get you a Hydroshirt of your own – the planned retail price is $150. There are four men’s sizes and five women’s sizes to choose from, but just one color: good ol’ black.

The Hydroshirt is demonstrated in the following video.

The HYDROSHIRT: Hydration Built Into Your Running Shirt

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