“World-first” housing takes Insta360 VR camera to the briny depths

When it comes to shooting 360-degree interactive video, the Insta360 Pro 2 is quite a capable camera … but it can’t go underwater. That’s about to change, however, with the release of the Mantis Sub housing.

Manufactured by New Zealand-based startup Mantis VR, the Sub is billed as being “the world’s first production 3D/360-VR underwater housing.”

Its features include an anodized aluminum body; clear acrylic domes for each of the camera’s six fisheye lenses; ports for attaching a hydrophone or a live-streaming ethernet cable; threaded mounts for adding lights, a tripod or other gear; a vacuum valve; and capacitive-touch buttons for controlling the camera while underwater. When out of the water, users can wirelessly control the Insta360 via its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi-linked app.

The housing has a maximum depth rating of 90 meters (295 ft).

The Mantis Sub, with a light and monopod attached
The Mantis Sub, with a light and monopod attached

Mantis VR

For situations where the camera may simply get splashed at the surface, Mantis has also created the water-resistant Spray housing. Designed for use on America’s Cup foiling yachts, it incorporates a fan to keep the enclosed (but not cool-water-immersed) camera from overheating. Buyers can choose between a lighter-weight nylon body, or one made from more durable aluminum.

The Mantis Sub and Spray are both available for preorder via the Source link below, and they ain’t cheap – the former is priced at US$9,999, while the latter goes for $11,999. You can view footage shot through the housings, by scrolling down at that link. Click and drag on the video screen to pan back and forth within the footage.

Source: Mantis VR

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