WowCube takes gaming to another dimension

Imagine if you crossed a handheld gaming system with a Rubik’s Cube. What you’d get is CubiOs Inc’s WowCube, which is currently an honoree in the CES 2021 Innovation Awards.

Invented by son and father team Savva and Ilya Osipov, the cube-shaped device has four color IPS screens on each side (for a total of 24) along with eight microprocessors and an accelerometer hidden away inside. As is the case with a Rubik’s Cube, users can twist it along multiples axes, constantly changing how the screens align with one another.

Unlike a Rubik’s Cube, though, much more can be done with it than simply trying to get each side to be one color. Utilizing an accompanying iOS/Android app, users can load different games into the device via Bluetooth, changing the animated display on the screens in the process.

The games are played via a combination of twisting and shaking the device. No screen-tapping or button-pushing is involved.

The WowCube can be used for more than just gaming
The WowCube can be used for more than just gaming


A number of games have already been developed for the system, including word games, puzzles, mazes and arcade-style games. It does has an open API (application programming interface), though, for third-party developers who wish to create games of their own. It can additionally be used for non-gaming applications, displaying information such as the time, date and weather.

The device itself measures 70 by 70 mm on each side, and tips the scales at 335 g (11.8 oz). One charge of its integrated 4,320-mAh lithium-ion battery is claimed to be good for up to eight hours of use.

Pricing and availability will be announced next month, when the WowCube makes its debut at CES. Potential buyers can check for updates via the Source link below.

You can see the device in action, in the following video.

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