Abia State okays ‘Dig Once Policy’ to boost telecoms

Abia State okays ‘Dig Once Policy’ to boost telecoms

The Abia State Government has signed a “Dig Once Policy” (DOP) to ease right of way for telecoms companies under a broader plan to improve telecoms services across the state. 

Governor Alex Otti of Abia State, who announced the signing of the “Dig Once Policy” on Friday said it aims to improve internet access and telecoms services across the state.

“With the signing of the DOP,” Otti said, “we are laying the groundwork for a future of endless opportunities and potential in broadband high-speed internet and telecommunications services.”

What is Dig Once Policy (DOP)?

The DOP establishes guidelines for installing underground broadband infrastructure. It aims to minimise repeated excavations by different companies, which can damage roads and disrupt traffic flow, according to the state government.

Governor Otti further explained that “it is a commitment to preserving our roads and economising resources for prospective service providers and, ultimately, every inhabitant of Abia State.”

The DOP is a collaborative effort between the Abia State Ministries of Digital Economy and SMEs, Science and Technology, and Works. An implementation council headed by Engr. Ikechukwu Emetu, Abia State’s Deputy Governor, will oversee the roll out of the policy.

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