US, Nigeria jon forces to fight cybercrime

US, Nigeria jon forces to fight cybercrime

The United States has said that it is working with Nigeria under a cybersecurity partnership to address cybercrime activities. 

On Monday, the US Department of State announced the United States’ initiative to enhance cybersecurity cooperation with Nigeria by deploying an INL-funded cybercrime advisor.

This initiative, according to the US, aims to provide essential training, equipment, and technical assistance to enhance Nigeria’s capabilities in combating cybercrime, particularly in addressing fraud scams and sextortion.

The United States lauded Nigeria’s accession to the Budapest Convention on Cybercrime in 2023 and its active participation in various cybercrime forums. Both nations pledged to intensify efforts in combating cybercriminals who target citizens of both countries.

Recognising the global nature of cyber threats, both sides emphasised the importance of reinforcing efforts to combat cyber-enabled money laundering and fraud, utilizing technology, and international cooperation mechanisms like extradition and mutual legal assistance.

Additionally, the two governments reaffirmed their commitment to fostering accountable and effective democratic institutions, strengthening the rule of law, and promoting human rights and fiscal transparency.

According to the US government statement, “Both sides understand the need to reinforce efforts to combat cyber-enabled money laundering and [cyber-enabled] fraud and to make greater use of both technology and international cooperation mechanisms such as extradition and mutual legal assistance”.

The United States praised Nigeria’s efforts to enhance citizen participation in government through information technology and reaffirmed support for Nigeria’s advances in transparency, including its participation in the Open Government Partnership.Nigeria highlighted its dedication to anti-corruption efforts and its involvement in the Global Forum for Asset Recovery (GFAR) Action series.

During discussions, both sides explored strategies for better coordination between the Nigerian government and civil society stakeholders to resolve conflicts, particularly in supporting state peacebuilding agencies. They also addressed legislative solutions to promote peaceful coexistence between farmers and herders.

In reaffirming their commitment to respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms, both nations highlights the importance of protecting civilians, promoting mutual respect, and holding perpetrators of violence accountable.

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