Alicat Scientific Announces its CODA Coriolis Series of Mass Flow Products

Alicat Scientific Announces its CODA Coriolis Series of Mass Flow Products

Alicat Scientific Announces its CODA Coriolis Series of Mass Flow Products

CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers for precision measurement in extreme applications

Tucson, AZ, 1 September 2020, Alicat Scientific, a division of Halma PLC, today announced the release of itsCODA line of Coriolis-based mass flow meters and controllers. CODA joins Alicat’s line of globally recognized mass flow and pressure instrumentation as high precision, ultra-low flow solution capable of operating at high pressures.

Recognizing that the constraints placed on mass flow measurement; gas composition, stability, and pressure limits the effectiveness of certain technologies, Alicat introduces its line of Coriolis mass flow instruments, the CODA series. Corrosive gases have also presented a challenge to the effectiveness of traditional mass flow measurement. The CODA line of Coriolis instrumentation deploys a more resistant flow path opening up the potential for more compatibility with aggressive fluid applications.

“Coriolis technology enables mass flow measurement for high pressure, aggressive fluids, ultra-low flow, and high precision applications,” said Ryan Barner, Director of New Product Development. “I’m excited about CODA and the impact it can have on both research and production environments.”

CODA demonstrates fast response times in direct measurement of mass flow. What makes the Coriolis line different is measurement independent of fluid composition allowing its application to a broader array of processes. CODA is also capable of measuring ultra-low flows and can operate at very high pressures, up to 3,500 PSI, further broadening application potential. CODA Coriolis products have been designed with real-world applications in mind. This line of instruments also features corrosion resistant models and resistance to external vibration.

CODA Coriolis instruments are ideal for aerospace and fuel cell applications where high pressures and corrosive fluids place high stresses on instrumentation while requiring extremely low failure tolerances. CODA Coriolis instruments are equally well suited for biomedical research or food production where precision and ultra-low flows are required to maintain exacting purity standards.

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