All-weather tiny house goes short and wide for more room inside

Canada’s Minimaliste often produces large tiny houses that are built to withstand extreme weather. Its latest model continues in a similar vein, but has a reduced physical footprint and offers a well-designed interior layout for two people.

As its name suggests, the Thuya 10 x 26 is the latest iteration of the Thuya line. It’s based on a double-axle trailer and has a length of 26 ft (8 m), which is on the smaller side for a North American tiny house nowadays, though not as small as the French models we cover. However, its slightly increased width of 10 ft (3 m) – which means it needs a permit to be legally towed on a US road – helps the tiny house seem much roomier inside.

The Thuya 10 x 26’s entrance opens into the living room, which looks well-proportioned and is taken up by a sofa bed for guests, plus some overhead storage and a closet. A dining table is also nearby, ahead of the kitchen. This has an oven with electric cooktop, an apartment-sized fridge/freezer, stainless steel sink, and quite a lot of cabinetry, including a pull-out spice rack and overhead storage.

The Thuya 10 x 26 features a storage-integrated staircase, which offers access to the tiny home's loft bedroom
The Thuya 10 x 26 features a storage-integrated staircase, which offers access to the tiny home’s loft bedroom


The kitchen connects to the bathroom with a sliding door, which contains a large shower, more storage space, a washer/dryer, a vanity sink and a composting toilet.

The Thuya 10 x 26 has just one bedroom, which is reached by a storage-integrated staircase that includes a fan-vented cat litter area. Up in the loft space itself, it’s a typical tiny house-style bedroom with a low sloping ceiling, plus some storage and a double bed.

The tiny house gets power from a standard RV-style hookup, and has a high level of insulation and airtightness, meaning it requires very little energy to maintain a steady interior temperature, even in a Canadian winter or Southern United States summer. A combination of mini-split air-conditioning, electric radiators and a ceiling fan are installed, as well as two heat-recovery air exchangers.

We’ve no word on the exact price of this model, though the Thuya line starts at US$125,000.

Source: Minimaliste

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