Shared-mobility seated e-scoot rides the road to commercial release

Back in 2020, electric rideshare company Veo launched a seated electric scooter that combined “the comfort of an ebike with the throttle-powered joy of an e-scooter.” Now riders in the US can hop on a Cosmo of their very own.

The company is reported to have been operating in over 50 shared mobility markets across North America for more than five years, and has received numerous requests for a Cosmo seated e-scoot that can be privately owned.

“The wait is over,” said Veo co-founder and CEO, Candice Xie. “You can now own your ride, custom-designed to match your style. There’s never been a better time to ditch your car for the thrill of an all-electric ride in the bike lane.”

The Cosmo X can throttle to a top speed of 17 mph (27.35 km/h) thanks to its 500-W rear-hub motor and 45-mile (72-km) removable Li-ion battery combination, so is best suited to inner-city commutes or short urban hops to haul shopping home in the optional front basket.

The top speed is reported to be just 17 mph, while per-charge range from the removable battery is around 45 miles
The top speed is reported to be just 17 mph, while per-charge range from the removable battery is around 45 miles


The original Cosmo was designed with the rigors of rideshare usage in mind, and riders are promised similar durability from the new X flavor. It’s built around a 6061 aluminum-alloy frame that supports a maximum load of 350 lb (158 kg), and features integrated LED lighting. A suspension fork and 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in “ultra-durable” pneumatic tires should help smooth out uneven terrain, while stopping power is provided by mechanical drum brakes front and back, plus regenerative braking.

Bluetooth and 4G LTE connectivity are cooked in, there’s a built-in alarm and auto-locking wheels, along with GPS tracking and app-based keyless unlocking. The e-scoot can even be setup to sound a personalized greeting via the Veo Voice speaker system.

The Cosmo X is available on the company’s webstore now in a choice of colors for a starting price of US$3,899, though Tech Crunch reports that there’s currently a three-month wait time and that the initial batch will be limited to a thousand units.

A version called the Cosmo S that’s available in just one color option and doesn’t appear to offer the custom greeting has also been launched for $2,899.

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