Corrosion-Resistant Threaded Coupling from Stauff for 720 Bar Operating Pressure

Corrosion-Resistant Threaded Coupling from Stauff for 720 Bar Operating Pressure

As part of a redesign, Stauff offers the QRC-HI threaded coupling for pressures up to 720 bar with a highly effective, zinc-nickel-based corrosion protection coating. The individual coding is another new feature, allowing quick identification and traceability of each individual coupling.

Hydraulic manual pumps can provide pressure levels of several hundred bar, and for many applications, the respective tools are replaced from time to time – for example in rescue hydraulics. 

For this area of application, Stauff has a threaded coupling in its extensive range which was developed especially for very high operating pressures. The QRC-HI is available in nominal sizes from DN 6.3 to DN 10 and is suitable for pressures up to 720 bar and rated flows up to 20 l/min (each depending on the nominal size). A cone valve is used for opening and closing, or the user can choose an alternative variant with a ball valve (QRC-HIB).  

The latest, revised version of these threaded couplings differs from the previous series in an improved corrosion protection, among other things. The couplings are now coated with the zinc-nickel corrosion protection which has already proven successful in the Stauff standard coupling range. 

The coating offers maximum resistance to red rust/base metal corrosion in practical application and exceeds even the highest requirements of corrosion protection class K5, which are defined in VDMA standards sheet 24576 for tube connections. The high ductility of the coating is the prerequisite for the above-average wear protection under high mechanical strain. In addition, the QRC-HI couplings now feature a coding which allows quick identification and traceability. 

The compact size and the low weight of the QRC-HI (or QRC-HIB), the high level of quality and the universal suitability have remained unchanged: Both couplings are interchangeable with other brands where the design complies with ISO 14540.

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