Custom melodies can be loaded into the Muro Box using a mobile app

Though we have easy access to high quality music like never before, there’s something strangely satisfying about the tinkle tinkle of a music box. But if you want to listen to more than one tune, you may have to break out a punched paper strip or even buy a different box for each melody. With the Muro Box you can load up different tunes using a smartphone app, and even create your own.

Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, this cute little project out of Taiwan is built around a patented cylinder that can be programmed to strike the teeth of the tuned comb using an iOS/Android app. The current version has 20 teeth – which translates to 20 notes from C3 to A5 – though there are plans for a 40-note version in the future.

Classic melodies are available from a cloud library, thousands of creations from professional composers and the Music Box Maniacs community are also on tap, or users can opt to create their own tunes onscreen by creating strike patterns on a scrolling timeline. MIDI files can be imported into the app too. And if you want to use the Muro Box without wirelessly connecting it to your smartphone, 30 melodies have been included in the device itself.

The comb has 20 teeth, which gives the music box 2.5 octaves to play with
The comb has 20 teeth, which gives the music box 2.5 octaves to play with

Muro Box

The mains-powered music box is made up of over 200 components, has a maple plinth that’s available in light or dark finish, and can be had with a laser carved image or message on the side as an optional extra. It can be used as a novel talking point when friends visit, to gently send your young ones off to sleep or can even wake you up in the morning.

Its makers note that there are programmable music boxes already available to buy, but they can be very expensive. Indiegogo pledges for the Muro Box start at US$330, with shipping estimated to start in December if all goes to plan. The video below has more.

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