Cybersecurity: Samsung launches messaging features to fight threats

Cybersecurity: Samsung launches messaging features to fight threats

Samsung has unveiled two features: Auto Blocker and Message Guard as part of its response to the escalating wave of cybersecurity threats facing consumers and organisations worldwide, according to the technology giant

These additions to the Galaxy security suite, Samsung said, are designed to safeguard users’ devices and personal data from increasingly sophisticated digital attacks.

Auto Blocker: Empowering User Security, Samsung says

According to Samsung, Auto Blocker is a new opt-in feature that puts users in control of their device security by preventing unauthorised app installations. The powerful tool scans for malware and other cybersecurity threats, blocking any malicious activity in real-time.

A significant risk addressed by Auto Blocker is “sideloading,” the practice of downloading apps from unverified sources. While sideloading can offer extra customisation, it also exposes users to potential attacks like voice phishing, where attackers trick users into installing harmful software. Auto Blocker ensures that only verified applications are installed, Samsung said, providing a critical layer of defence against such threats.

In addition to protecting against harmful apps, Auto Blocker also safeguards against malicious commands that could be executed through USB ports. This is especially useful in public places, such as airports, where users often charge their phones and are vulnerable to such attacks.

Samsung: How to enable Auto Blocker

Open Settings.
Navigate to Security and Privacy.
Select Auto Blocker and turn it On.

Message Guard: Defending against zero-click attacks

Samsung says that the Message Guard feature tackles the emerging threat of zero-click attacks, which exploit device vulnerabilities without any user action. These attacks can occur when an image is received, potentially allowing hackers to access personal data silently

Message Guard combats this by isolating incoming image files in a secure environment and scanning them meticulously to neutralise threats before they can cause harm. This feature operates continuously and silently, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

Message Guard is compatible with popular messaging apps such as Google Messages, Samsung Messages, Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp, providing comprehensive security for daily communications.

In addition to these new features, Samsung said it is extending its security and operating system support to seven years for devices starting with the Galaxy S24 series. This commitment represents the longest period of software support currently available for mobile devices, ensuring prolonged protection against evolving cyber threats, according to the technology company.

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