Ericsson bullish on 5G metaverse potential

Ericsson bullish on 5G metaverse potential


Ericsson’s latest ConsumerLab research revealed higher engagement with XR and metaverse-related activities among 5G subscribers than 4G, with growing demand for compatible devices to access enhanced services and experiences.

The vendor claimed its study of more than 49,000 consumers across 37 countries conducted between April and July was the largest probe into 5G adoption to date. Ericsson’s research found growing satisfaction with the enhanced video and AR services enabled by 5G, with an associated bump in the time spent on related apps.

It noted 5G users “now spend two hours more per week on AR apps than 4G users, compared to one hour more per week” in 2020.

Ericsson added 5G was encouraging users to take “the first steps” into the metaverse, with users typically spending one hour more per week in the virutal world than those on 4G networks.

It noted the higher speed and reliability of 5G networks boosted consumers’ interaction with virtual worlds, including online gaming, with the research also indicating adoption of XR-enabled wearables would increase by 2025, fuelled by users seeking new devices to access the enhanced online experiences.


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