High-Precision Fluid Control with ASX Angle Seat Valves

High-Precision Fluid Control with ASX Angle Seat Valves

Entirely made of stainless steel, this valve is the ideal solution for many industrial applications, from steam production to water treatment plants, as well as the food and chemical industries where, in addition to high flow rates, the control of viscous fluids is required.

They are capable of handling fluids with suspended solid particles, corrosive fluids, and applications with high operating temperatures.

The operation is determined by the pneumatic actuation of a single-acting, spring-return piston actuator. Double-acting models without springs are also available.

The angle seat valves Series ASX are available in different versions depending on the nominal diameter, the fluid to be controlled, and the process connections. There are also specific models for installations with flow direction from under the seat, which help to eliminate or mitigate water hammer during the valve closing phase. For liquids, models with flow direction under the seat are recommended. For gases or steam, models with flow direction over the seat are recommended.

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