High Speed, High Shear Mixers From Silverson Machines

High Speed, High Shear Mixers From Silverson Machines

With more than 75 years’ experience supplying companies from the global leaders to small highly specialized companies, Silverson has an unrivalled knowledge and experience across several industries and a wide range of applications.

Silverson Machines will soon be launching a range of new mixer variants. These mixers have been developed in response to demand for small-scale In-Line mixers and powder/liquid mixers that bridge the gap between the laboratory scale mixers and production scale mixers currently available in the Silverson product range. These new models customers more options in terms of batch sizes and processing requirements.

You can find information on some of these soon-to-be-released models and existing mixers in the range below:

Laboratory Mixers

Silverson Laboratory mixers have been sold all over the world, from small start-up companies up to larger international brands. The popularity of Silverson Laboratory mixers can be attributed to their versatility; they can be used to mix, emulsify, homogenise, disintegrate and dissolve, with an efficiency and flexibility unmatched by other machines.

The ‘standard’ L5M-A model is now available with the body finished in white engineered polymer for increased durability and ease of maintenance. The updated radiused edges allow for easier cleaning. With its integral tachometer, ammeter and programmable timer, the L5M-A offers a level of instrumentation invaluable in applications where process validation and repeatability are required.

The advantage of a Silverson over simple agitators and stirrers stems from the specially designed rotor/stator workhead; the high speed rotation of the rotor blades draws materials into the workhead where they are intensively mixed, before being subjected to intense mechanical and hydraulic shear as they are projected back into the body of the mix at high velocity.  With this method, ingredients are fully incorporated and any agglomerates are eliminated.

There are over 40 workheads, screens and assemblies available for Silverson Laboratory mixers. These easily interchangeable workheads enable any machine to perform a wide range of mixing operations and allow one mixer to perform duties that in the past may have required several different pieces of processing equipment. 

These mixers are ideal for small batches from 1ml up to 12 litres, and can mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 liters/minute using an In-Line mixing assembly, further increasing versatility.

Coming soon – New Small-Scale In-Line Mixers

One of these new mixers is the 150 UHS In-Line, which has been specifically designed for Ultra Hygienic applications typically encountered in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, where the smallest production scale mixers may be too large, but laboratory equipment doesn’t offer sufficient capacity. These mixers are built to the same high specification as production scale UHS mixers and can be supplied with Silverson-designed hygienic single mechanical shaft seals, which can be converted to hygienic double mechanical shaft seals suitable for pressurized flush.  They have a crevice-free construction and are designed for Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilise-In-Place (SIP) operation.  Ideal for batches of up to 50 litres they can also be supplied with multi-stage rotor/stator workheads, offering intense yet targeted high shear capability. As with all Silverson UHS models, they can be supplied with data dossiers documentation packages conforming to all regulatory standards, for example cGMP and FDA.

In-tank Batch Mixers

Some mixer manufacturers specialize in production scale models but have no laboratory scale mixers; conversely some offer high speed laboratory mixers that have no production equivalent.  This can make it difficult if not impossible to scale up successfully from the lab to full production.  One of the main advantages when choosing a Silverson Laboratory mixer for R&D or pilot scale production is the ability to scale up from the laboratory to full scale production models with ease. 

For in-tank mixing of volumes up to 30,000 liters, Silverson supplies a comprehensive range of Batch mixer models. Capable of performing all of the same mixing process as Silverson Laboratory mixers, it is possible to reduce mixing times by up to 90% when using high shear Batch mixers as opposed to traditional mixing methods such as stirrers or agitators. Small to medium range Batch mixers can be used on mobile floor stands, further increasing their versatility.

These are just a few of the mixer options available in the Silverson product range, you can find out more about additional models, such as the Ultra Hygienic range, on the Silverson website.

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