Hiring Kit: Robotics Engineer

Hiring Kit: Robotics Engineer

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  • Published April 14, 2020
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Finding the right person to fill the role of robotics engineer can be tricky because of the combination of skills required. This kit includes a detailed job description, sample interview questions, and basic want ad to simplify the task.

From the job description:

For many industries and enterprises, manufacturing of any kind is dependent on robotics in some capacity. Automation and the efficiency it brings to the manufacturing process is the technology that can ultimately make or break an enterprise.

Qualified engineers are required to develop, test, and maintain these robotic machines. Finding the right engineer, with the right experience and qualifications, takes effort, determination, and a detailed description of the job at hand. This sample job description for a robotics engineer will help you form a foundation for your enterprise’s next candidate search.

A robotics engineer designs the plans needed to build robots, codes the processes necessary for the robot to run correctly, and develops the procedures the robot will execute once it is built. Sometimes the robotics engineer will also be tasked with designing and building the machines that actually assemble the robots. Only after the design phase has been completed does the engineer move toward assembling the unit. This means a robotics engineer must be a creative designer, a programmer, and a precise engineer—a rare combination of talents.

The position
The company is seeking a self-motivated individual with creative skills in design as well as impeccable skills in precision engineering and programming. The successful candidate will exhibit passion and enthusiasm about engineering, robotics, programming, and the creative process. Candidates will have qualifications, certifications, and experience commensurate with the open position.

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