Low-cost tiny house offers lots of options, including off-grid freedom

The Maya, by Sweden’s Vagabond Haven, is a relatively affordable tiny house that measures a mere 6.7 m (22 ft) in length. The compact towable home offers a well-proportioned interior layout for two people and comes with a lot of options for customers to tailor it to their needs, including being able to run off-the-grid, the addition of a porch area, and more luxurious extras like a dishwasher and underfloor heating.

The Maya is based on a double-axle trailer and finished in a choice of spruce, engineered heat-treated timber, Shou sugi ban-treated wood, or cedar. There’s an aluminum roof up top and the insulation is made up of recycled textiles. The model shown is pictured without the optional porch area.

Its interior is finished in spruce (the owner can choose the color) and has a total floorspace of just 19 sq m (204 sq ft). Given the lack of space available, Vagabond Haven sensibly kept things simple with an unfussy layout that suits the smaller space.

Visitors enter the home into the living room, which is dominated by a L-shaped sofa bed, plus there’s a small wood-burning stove located nearby. This, along with an air-conditioning system, should be sufficient to keep the compact living space a comfortable temperature. Nearby is the kitchen, which contains a fridge, sink, an induction stovetop and oven, plus a breakfast bar for two.

The Maya measures just 19 sq m (204 sq ft) and features a simple interior layout that flatters the limited space available
The Maya measures just 19 sq m (204 sq ft) and features a simple interior layout that flatters the limited space available

Vagabond Haven

The kitchen connects to the Maya’s bathroom. This looks quite small but Vagabond Haven has managed to shoehorn in a shower, a very small sink, and a composting toilet.

There’s just one bedroom in the Maya and it’s reached by a storage-integrated staircase. The bedroom itself is a typical tiny house-style loft space with a low ceiling and a double bed. Elsewhere in the tiny house lies a secondary loft space suitable for storage only.

The Maya runs from an RV-style hookup as standard, but its off-the-grid options include a solar panel system and water tanks, as well as a rainwater collection system. There are also the optional extras mentioned like dishwasher and underfloor heating, plus a pellet stove instead of a wood-burning stove.

The Maya starts at €34,200 (roughly US$33,000) unfurnished, however this could rise by a lot, depending on the furniture and optional extras chosen.

Source: Vagabond Haven

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