Master automation with this PowerShell bundle, now just $29.99

Master automation with this PowerShell bundle, now just $29.99

Save on essential learning for tech professionals and IT business owners.

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For anyone who is responsible for managing servers or an office full of devices, learning how to use PowerShell is a smart move. This powerful scripting language and command-line shell can be used for task automation, configuration management, and many other important chores.

The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle helps you get acquainted with the language, through three full-length video courses. The training is worth $60 in total, but you can grab it today for only $29.99 via TechRepublic Academy.

For any business with an IT setup, regular maintenance is vital. Clearing out the digital clutter and keeping files properly organized can mean the difference between running smoothly and having to shut down your entire office.

Of course, handling these maintenance tasks can be boring and time-consuming. So, IT professionals tend to use PowerShell scripts to automate everything.

The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle shows you how to automate these tasks, through 11 hours of hands-on tutorials. The training is perfect for first-time scripters, and you work all the way up to advanced automations.

The content starts by introducing PowerShell and Active Directory, with videos that explain what these tools are capable of. You then try it for yourself, with lessons on managing users and groups.

You also learn about automated file handling, Windows device management, task scheduling, and much more. These skills will serve you well whether you’re a bootstrapped startup founder or trying to grow your own IT business.

All three courses come from Vijay Saini, an experienced IT professional who now passes on his knowledge to others. He has helped over 77,000 students to date, earning a 4.4/5 instructor rating on Udemy.

Order today for $29.99 to get lifetime on-demand access to all the training on mobile and desktop devices, saving a massive 50% on the normal price.

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