MeloQuest turns learning to play piano into a gaming adventure

Learning to play the piano is tough, and can be a bit boring. Many people hire a tutor, but technology can help maintain your interest and keep you motivated too. MeloQuest has launched a mobile adventure game called Keys & Kingdoms that’s designed to do just that.

“More than 80 percent of kids drop out of private piano lessons in the first few years and that’s a real problem,” said MeloQuest CEO Graeme Winder. “With Keys & Kingdoms, kids and teens now have a fun, new way to learn to play the piano and build their musical skills and confidence like never before.”

Aimed at young learners aged 7-15, Keys & Kingdoms teaches students how to play popular songs and develop techniques and skills as they make their way through various gameplay levels. No musical experience is necessary, and the game is reported to adapt to a player’s skill level so that students can learn at their own pace.

The skills and songs learned in the game can be transferred to a real piano
The skills and songs learned in the game can be transferred to a real piano


The software currently includes hundreds of pre-loaded songs, and parents will be emailed weekly stats so they can keep an eye on progress. MeloQuest sells a plug-and-play portable MIDI keyboard to connect to a mobile device running the game, though you don’t specifically need one to play. And what’s learned in the game can be transferred to a real instrument.

There are many learning systems available that use technology to teach students to play, including those from Yamaha, Roli and the One Music Group. And of those we’ve tried ourselves, the most engaging have been those which incorporate gaming elements simply because they make learning seem less of a chore.

The Keys & Kingdoms experience is available as a free download for Mac, PC and iOS devices (and is coming to Android soon). This will limit gamers to a small starting region, to unlock the full game you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription of US$9.99. The video below has more.

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